Cabin Concert Series

Join us for a House Concert!

Short of playing music ourselves, some say that house concerts are the highest form of musical experience. When it comes to traditional Irish music (which is far more than just a folk genre) we believe this skillful art-form is best appreciated in intimate settings. Though most folks in America have become acquainted with Irish music from pubs and festivals, these places can pose great challenges to truly enjoying traditional Irish music –both for listeners and musicians. For our pleasure and yours, we invite you to experience live traditional Irish music up close and personal – from our cabin home – where you can savor every tune, every song, and every moment of fellowship with other trad music lovers.  House concerts offer a front seat view into the musical lives of the artists and provide an ideal opportunity to experience and appreciate their talents on a much different level. We hope you will join us for a house concert to celebrate music and time-honored traditions together.

Upcoming Performances

Donie Carroll

Date & Time: January 3, 2016 @ 3:00pm,CarrollDonie200 Pot-luck supper and tune/song session to follow at 5:00pm

Admission Donation: $10 for adults and children 12+

Location: Don’s log cabin home in Winston-Salem. Contact Don for location details and to reserve your seats!


About Donie

“Apart from his being a prince of a man, Donie is a lovely singer in the great old Cork street style” – Mick Moloney. Famous on both sides of the Atlantic, singer/guitarist Donie Carroll began his musical career in Cork City, Ireland, during the great ballad boom of the ’60s and developed as a solo artist in the ’70s. In the ’80s, he toured Europe extensively with Finnegan’s Wake before emigrating to New York in the early ’90s—he’s since been a fixture on the New York Irish music scene. That Donie’s national renown continues to grow is greatly attributable to his authenticity and his unmistakable voice: although rough edged like Seamus Creagh’s, it has a charm somewhat akin to that of his good friend Jimmy Crowley. Donie frequently can be found performing in the States as well as in Ireland, either on his own or with the likes of the great multi-instrumentalist Gabriel Donohue, fiddlers Caitlin Warbelow and Heather Martin Bixler, and a host of other talented musicians including the Washington Square Harp and Shamrock Orchestra. Also an accomplished Union actor, Donie made his off-Broadway debut in John B. Keane’s play Sive in 2007. When not in concert, he is a regular at New York’s most popular Irish music venues including Lillie’s Union Square, the Landmark Tavern, and Murphy’s Bar, Sunnyside.

Donie’s first solo recording, Down the Slippery Gap, drew high critical praise, with selections drawn from his tremendous repertoire of old and new Irish songs (including many Cork City favorites). He was joined on this recording by Gabriel Donohue, Don Meade, Mattie Connolly, Joanie Madden, Liz Hanley, Jimmy Crowley, Heather Martin Bixler, Daniel Neely, Marian Makins and numerous others. Donie’s recently released recording, Divil of a Noise, is yet another wonderful collection of songs exploring Donie’s nostalgia for growing up in Cork and for when he first fell in love with music. Just as his first recording, this album showcases a rake of the finest Irish talent including Gabriel Donohue, Joanie Madden, Mick Moloney, Billy McComiskey, Jimmy Crowley, Caitlin Warbelow, Dan Neely, Heather Martin Bixler, Marian Makins, and many others (including the ever brilliant Noel Reid).